Bundesliga betting tips


Bundesliga: tips for betting

According to many analysts, the German football Bundesliga is considered the most spectacular European championship. In recent years, the average performance of teams has decently increased, and stadium attendance has also increased. For several years, the German Dortmund has been among the leaders in occupancy of the stands, because the average attendance of a German championship match exceeds 80,000 spectators. If we take the English Premier League as an example, then there are only a few teams with stadiums with such maximum capacity, in the Spanish La Liga, Barcelona and the Madrid Real can boast with such numbers.

Despite the total dominance of Bayern Munich in recent years, the interest of fans in the German championship does not disappear. The tournament is very unpredictable and often opens up new names. A few years ago, Werder and Schalke-04 were considered to be one of the grandees of the championship, today they modestly occupy places in the middle of the table, or even fight for maintaining registration in the elite division. In recent years, Leipzig and Hoffenheim have won the right to participate in the Champions League, Eintracht, Cologne, Hertha fought for high positions. Let us add here the eternal rivals of Bavaria from Dortmund and Leverkusen and get a very unpredictable company. If you like to make football predictions, then interactive bets on the German Bundesliga will satisfy your interest and excitement. A huge number of unpredictable results, an abundance of goals and a fight to the last minute – this is what attracts viewers to the stands and to the television screens.

Bundesliga betting tips: variety of online football betting on the German Championship

Bookmakers carefully monitor the course of the German football championship in the elite division and offer an extended line of events for forecasting. There you can make long-term betting on the outcome of the championship and try to predict the winner, the top three winners or those departing for the second division. You can make an interactive bet on a single Bundesliga match in Germany and determine the winner of the selected match. Fans of statistics will find a lot of interesting things for themselves, because they regularly bet on:

  • The number of goals in the match;
  • Individual total team or player;
  • The number of corner or yellow cards in the game;
  • The presence of removal or own goal.

Carefully study the line of events and choose interesting matches. Interactive bets are also accepted on all games of the tour in live mode. And these are high and constantly changing factors. You can make a forecast for one event or combine several outcomes into an express bet or system. The increased number of combinations allows you to save money even in case of an incorrect prediction for one of the matches. You can replenish your game account with a cashless payment, a credit card or an electronic payment system convenient for you.

In German football there is no one-hundred-percent outcome, if this is, of course, not Bavaria. In the game of middle peasants, there is always little predictability – the outcome can be absolutely anything. Actually this attracts the audience this championship. Odds of the Bundesliga, due to such “uncertain” matches, are quite high – about 2-2.5; again, if this is not Bavaria. Bookmakers always give small odds to win this team. This, just, you can use. Confidence in the patency of an event with a small coefficient is large and it can be used to create an express train. If you decide to choose a league for analysis, in order to make a couple of bets later, you can and should stop at the Bundesliga. Odds allow you to take some matches with a small safety net, and after analyzing it becomes clear that some teams are an order of magnitude stronger than others, which undoubtedly need to be used. The championship is rich in good scorers and, accordingly, in goals scored.

Hitting the Eurocup from the Bundesliga

Due to the fact that Germany occupies the second place in the ranking of UEFA countries, the teams that will be ranked from 1 to 3 at the end of the championship directly enter the group stage of the Champions League. The structure which has occupied 4 place, goes to a qualifying round where will compete for hit in a group stage of the main European tournament. Having taken the fifth place, the team will go to fight in the Europa League. The sixth is the qualifying round of the Europa League. Thus, the country can be represented immediately by 6 teams in European tournaments. But the Bundesliga in Germany is not one, so you can leave it. So, the teams that took the last two lines in the draw; drop out in the second Bundesliga, and the winner and the silver medalist of the second most important national championship take their place.

The team, located on the 16th place, can remain in the league, if it turns out to be stronger than the team that took third place in the second Bundesliga. Otherwise, he is eliminated. In principle, the structure of this championship is no different from the tournaments of other countries; perhaps only the number of teams representing their country in European competition.