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So, let’s review Bundesliga latest news

Bavaria offered Zidane the post of head coach

Ex-head coach of Real Zinedine Zidane may begin to train Bavaria. According to the publication El Chiringuito, the management of the Munich team contacted the Frenchman in early November about the appointment of the head coach from next season. It is noted that in Munich, dissatisfied with the work of Niko Kovac, under his leadership, the current champion of Germany ranks fifth in the Bundesliga standings. Earlier it was reported that the PSG candidate was also interested in the candidacy of Zinedine Zidane.

Borussia conceded twice but pulled out a victory over Bavaria

From the first minutes of the classic German derby Munich Bavaria did not look like guests. Wards Niko Kovacs immediately seized the ball and on duty controlled him and carried out positional attacks. This did not often lead to dangerous chances but led to several counterattacks by Borussia.

In the 10th minute, Marco Royce lost an incredible opportunity to score. He ran out on a date with Manuel Neuer, having support in the form of partners on both sides of himself. But Marco decided to punch himself into the far corner, and the goalkeeper read the partner in the national team and parried this not strong blow. A few minutes later, Borussia again ran into a quick attack, but again Neuer saved by intercepting the cross-chamber on Jadeon Sancho. The most active in Bavaria was a veteran Ribery, who had several opportunities for a goal, but his strikes were either in defenders, or went past the gate. His Bavaria reached in the 26th minute. Robert Lewandowski ideally played on the edge of the attack, closing with the head gear of Serge Gnabry.

The second half started very cool. Already in the second minute of the inning, Reuss sent the ball past Neuer, and the goalkeeper flew into Marco’s legs. Penalty. The victim himself came to the point and confidently beat the goalkeeper. Fans of Borussia wound up, but they were immediately put out by the former idol. Lewandowski was the second time in this match, but the merit in this goal is more on the trio Kimmich, Muller, Gnabry. They on the right flank in five gears brought Joshua to a position for a canopy, and he found the head of a lonely Lewandowski, who scored from a meter into an empty net. Then there were two things that definitely added some gray hair to the fans of Borussia. Lumbago Sancho from the right flank, the ball passed by three players of Bavaria and was at the feet of Royce, who was four meters from the gate in front of a lone Neuer and … shot into Manuel. Just four minutes later, only Paco Alcácer, who entered the pitch, was almost in an identical moment, but he was not even a goalkeeper, but a defender. And the Spaniard fell into it.

Royce and Alcacer could remember these moments for a long time, if only for what happened in the next 10 minutes. First, Marco equalized the score. Pischek shot from his flank, and Royce struck in one touch. The ball flew to a far corner along such a trajectory that Neuer could not reach him. Bavaria ran to score again, but ran into another counterattack. Sancho took the ball from Ribery and in transit through Royce brought it to Witsel. The Belgian saw the lonely Paco and made a date with Neuer. The Spaniard confidently on the backswing put the goalkeeper on the lawn, and then threw it.

The last minutes were just fiery. Bayern practically didn’t get out of the Hitz ’gate. At one point, the barbie began, where the Borussia goalkeeper received a warning. And on the last minute added by the referee, Robert Lewandowski sent the ball into the goal net for the fourth time during the match. But, as in the 60th minute, this goal of the Pole was canceled due to offside.

Bundesliga Jovic top scorer: “I will continue in the same spirit – there will be a brilliant career”

Forward “Eintracht” from Frankfurt Luka Jovic appreciated their prospects. A 20-year-old Serbian player with 9 goals leads the Bundesliga season scorers. “I need to continue in the same vein. Then, I think, I will have a brilliant career, ”said Jovic. The rights to a football player belong to Benfica. It was reported that Bavaria wants to buy it. Barcelona and Liverpool follow Bundesliga Jovic top scorer.

And what for some special Bundesliga news: Leipzig unexpectedly led the German Championship

“Leipzig” in the match of the 11th round of the championship of Germany on a side beat “Bayer” with a score of 3: 2. The winning goal was scored by Willy Orban. Former Dinamo Aleksandar Dragovic did not take part in the match, and Admir Mehmedi played 74 minutes. “Leipzig” won the sixth victory in a row and is leading in the Bundesliga standings. The team is ahead of “Bavaria” by three points, but the Munich in the match of this tour has yet to play with the “Borussia” in Dortmund. Bayer ranked eighth.

RB Leipzig and Schalke have not scored goals: linnet on the field is not released

The match of the 9th round of the German Bundesliga “RB Leipzig” – “Schalke” turned out to be perhaps the most dull this season. Two strikes on the target struck the team for 90 minutes of playing time. Both were on the account of the “bulls”, and both – completely harmless. However, despite the dominance of the hosts, the sharpest moments of the fight were created by the guests. In the first half after a corner, the defenders “forgot” about Embolo, who struck his head without interference, but sent the ball past the corner of the goal. Shortly after the start of the second half, another corner at the gate of “Leipzig” ended with a header by McKenny – the ball struck the crossbar and flew out of the field. It may seem ridiculous, but now the “cobalt” in the asset (or is it still in the passive?) Has 6 hits in the frame of the gate. With five goals scored!

Interesting is the decision of the Schalke coach to release in the 85th minute Steven Szhibeski: the 25-year-old forward made his debut in the Bundesliga, while Yevgeny Konoplyanka remained on the bench. 0: 0 – Schalke extended the unbeaten guest series to 4 meetings (2 in the Champions League and 2 in the national championship; moreover, the team did not miss the goals in these games). Wards Domenico Tedesco moved away from the zone of transition matches by 1 point, and on Wednesday they will have to go to Cologne to fight the German Cup. “RB Leipzig” is in the zone of the Europa League, behind the leader, Dortmund Borussia, by 5 points. October 31 “bulls” take “Hoffenheim” in the Cup.